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11 May

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Weight gain and risk of metabolic syndrome or diabetes mellitus highest risk with clozapine clozaril and olanzapine zyprexa lowest risk with ziprasidone geodon and aripiprazole abilify , as well as lurasidone latuda weight gain with all second generation agents except aripiprazole abilify and ziprasidone geodon also occurs with low potency first generation antipsychotics chlorpromazine, thioridazine adverse lipid effects serum triglyceride increase most with clozapine clozaril , olanzapine zyprexa , quetiapine seroquel hdl cholesterol decrease is variable.

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reduce moisture-it contributes to clozaril breakdown.

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therefore clozaril may be taken without regard to meals.

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prior to initiating treatment with clozaril, perform a careful physical examination, medical history, and concomitant medication history.


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