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11 May

How much topamax causes weight loss

Tried topamax and hated it, i ve just started on 10mgs of nortyptiline, it s only been 4 days but i m already thinking of putting my dose up to 20mgs i m so desperate for some relief from chronic daily headache.

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i ve been taking topamax for 6 years as a preventive for my migraines and also to help with my knee pain because i have had 7 right knee surgeries.

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topamax is very similar in structure to acetazolamide, which has anti-convulsant effects.

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patients interested in trying out topamax to determine whether or not the medication works for them may be able to obtain free samples directly from their doctors.

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of the 1,135 patients exposed to topamax in the adult placebo-controlled studies, 25 of topamax -treated patients discontinued due to adverse reactions, compared to 10 of the 445 placebo-treated patients.


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