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11 May

How much zyprexa will kill you

Hi i have a question,i been withdrawing from zyprexa cold turkey from april of 2016,i got deathly ill and didn t know what was happening to me,i didn t sleep for months on end,had the most excruciating anxiety i ever had in my life,plus severe suicidal depression bad balance and coordination and very severe dizziness and tightness in my head ever day since,i did get days where it lifted and was more bearable,i get horrible fear esp when i walk outside,i was cold turkeyed from klonopin to 10 years ago and horribly suffered,i am currently stuck on a small dose of seroquel 37.

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my dopamine does not work from the lithium prolixin zyprexa combo from a year ago.

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i was given zyprexa as an add on to my ssri a long time ago.

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the objective of this study was to investigate the bioequivalence of mylan s olanzapine 5 mg tablets to eli lilly s zyprexa 5 mg tablets following a single, oral 5 mg 1 x 5 mg dose administered under fasting conditions.

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the newer, atypical antipsychotics, including risperidone risperdal , olanzapine zyprexa , aripiprazole abilify , and quetiapine seroquel , have replaced the older, traditional antipsychotics, which had more side effects.

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i have been on zyprexa for 2 years.


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