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13 May

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I also wanted to try a cheaper version of omeprazole gastro ulcergard and was thinking about grinding up prilosec which is omeprazole or if anyone knew of a compounding pharmacy where i could get omeprazole.

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two of the first serious side effects listed on the prilosec medication guide are severe diarrhea which may be caused by an intestinal infection and bone fractures of the hip, wrist or spine.

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prilosec is considerably eliminated inside the liver and its remnant metabolites are pharmacologically inactive.

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so, if you would like to try some money saving alternative to prilosec, you should ask your doctor for a prescription of omeprazole.

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i take prilosec otc before food but wonder if it should be taken at a specific time period prior to medications.

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a study done by researchers in hong kong showed that arthritis sufferers who have had ulcers should not take either pharmacia pfizer s arthritis drug celebrex, nor astrazeneca s ulcer medication prilosec which was given in combination with the generic anti inflammatory drug clofenac.


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