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13 May

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Lariam has been used as a defense in trials and a canadian soldier was recently courtmartialed for his refusal to take it any more.

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Several witnesses reported that personnel were so concerned by the reputation of lariam that they discarded their medication and were potentially left with no antimalarial protection at all.

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In a 1994 internal roche document, the company said an evaluation by lobel, director of the cdc s malaria prevention program at the time, indicated the lariam package insert was adequate.

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In early november, the army released its findings, which said that lariam, in the army s words, does not explain the clustering of violent deaths there.

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We know that lariam is the brand name of mefloquine and that it is used to treat malaria.

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There have been reports that in some patients these side effects continue after lariam mefloquine is stopped.

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in scientific terms, lariam can cause neuropsychiatric adverse events.

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