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13 May

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Shatavari contains natural phytoestrogens and so can be used as an alternative to synthetic hrt, gently and naturally rebalancing estrogen levels.

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spargel shatavari stabilisiert den hormonhaushalt bei frauen mit schwankenden hormonspiegel als folge der menstruation und menopause.

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the shilajit combination with ashwagandha works well for men and for women, shatavari is used in combination with shilajit.

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add the shatavari and ginger powder.

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shatavari s main ingredients are standardized extract saponins and shatavarins , organic shatavari stem and root powder, organic shatavari root.

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1 on the basis of all these actions on the female reproductive system, shatavari is regarded as an excellent female tonic, that is beneficial in the female infertility; enhances folliculogenesis and ovulation; increases libido; helps keep the sexual organs moist; prepares the endometrium for conception; prevents habitual abortion; and acts as a post-partum tonic by increasing lactation and normalizing the uterus and the hormones.


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