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11 May

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Tulasi was adorned with lovely jingling ornaments, and the knot of hair at the back of her head was decorated with a jasmine wreath.

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tulasi devi became angry.

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it is also accepted that if ever a person leaves his or her body while wearing tulasi beads, either around the neck or elsewhere, it creates the same affect as described above as having one s cremation fire burnt using tulasi.

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the lord does not care for even one of fifty-six varieties of cooked food or thirty-six different curries offered without tulasi leaves.

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his divine grace also mentioned that in india, in temple court-yards, there are always tulasi growing.

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17 if one holds on his head the water that has washed a tulasi leaf, he attains the result of bathing in the ganges or the result of giving ten cows in charity.


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