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11 May

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Cyclosporine gengraf, neoral, sandimmune ; a vitamin or mineral supplement that contains beta carotene or vitamin e; levothyroxine synthroid, levoxyl, levothroid ; insulin or diabetes medications you take by mouth; digoxin digitalis, lanoxin, lanoxicaps ; or a blood thinner such as warfarin coumadin, jantoven .

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current brands include levothyroxine levoxyl, synthroid, levoxyl, unithroid multiple generic forms of l-thyroxine including but not limited to levothroid.

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indications and usage for levothroid.

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antidepressants like amitriptyline elavil, etrafon , amoxapine asendin , clomipramine anafranil , desipramine norpramin , doxepin sinequan , imipramine janimine, tofranil , nortriptyline pamelor , protriptyline vivactil , and trimipramine surmontil barbiturates like amobarbital amytal , butabarbital butisol , mephobarbital mebaral , secobarbital seconal, and phenobarbital luminal, solfoton diabetes medications like acarbose precose , metformin glucophage , miglitol glyset , and rosiglitazone avandia and insulin ketoconazole nizoral or itraconazole sporanox rifampin rifadin, rifater, rifamate, rimactane seizure medications like carbamazepine carbatrol, equetro, tegretol , phenytoin dilantin , phenobarbital solfoton , and primidone mysoline thyroid medication such as levothyroxine synthroid, levoxyl, levothroid and others warfarin coumadin .


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