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11 May

Price for generic seroquel

Brand or generic seroquel may cause suicidal thoughts and you will need regular monitoring for the first 12 weeks of treatment.

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being very aware that one cannot live on clonazepam, i am so very thankful that the 25 mg seroquel prescribed, and which overly sedated me, is extremely useful in falling asleep and staying that way till morning, when i take 1 4 of a 25 mg tablet, with no lingering effects.

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none of my doctors, my family doctor, psychiatrist, my neurologist, never said anything about my symptoms possibly being affect due to me taking seroquel.

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note that extended release seroquel xr is for use in adults only and should never be given to anyone who is less than 18 years old.

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the seroquel was prescribed because i fell into recurring panic attacks which i could not control.


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