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11 May

Ranitidine ulcer treatment

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you are allergic to foods, dyes, preservatives or any other medicines you have ever had an allergic hypersensitive reaction to ranitidine or any of the ingredients listed towards the end of this leaflet.

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an alternative dosage of 300 mg or 20 ml of syrup 4 teaspoonfuls of syrup equivalent to 300 mg of ranitidine once daily after the evening meal or at bedtime can be used for patients in whom dosing convenience is important.

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this drug is not just used for acid reflux ranitidine is normally prescribed for this problem but it does cure gastroenteritis, which is what i had it for.

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if you are taking antacids, do not take them within 1hour of cimetidine, ranitidine or famotidine.

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there may be an interaction between ranitidine and any of the following .


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